We grow wonderful fresh mushrooms

Good food has the power to save the world. We really believe that.  That’s why we’ve been passionately growing our wonderful, fresh, tasty mushrooms here in Cyprus since 1979.

And not just the always-reliable white mushrooms that we all know and love. We also grow a plethora of other lovable gourmet mushrooms that turn every dish into a gastronomic journey.

That is our way of cultivating a better world.


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Our family

Mr White
Ms Shiitake
King Oyster

Mr White

We feel that mushrooms are like our children. Little adorable, tasty, wonderful, mushroomy characters, running around and trying to turn all our dishes into healthy, culinary delights!

That’s what has inspired us to create a family of our mushrooms!

So without further ado meet the head of the family, Mr. White, that healthy, always dependable guy.

Mr. White is quite common, so you can find him almost anywhere. But he is the guy that can make friends with almost all of your dishes and you can always rely on him.

His taste can be described as woodsy and becomes stronger with cooking. Mr. White can be served in soups, salads, appetizers and he can accompany almost any dish!

Feel free to explore the other members of our family on the right!

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The Portobello is Portobellini’s older brother, having grown to full maturity and flavour.

As the Portobello grows bigger, the large brown cap opens revealing reddish-brown gills underneath.

Since the Portobellos have grown to a bigger size, they have a meaty texture while they retain their earthy flavour. Their diameter can vary from 5 cm to about 12 cm.

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The Portobellini is closely related to the White mushroom (we think they are cousins) as they are similar in size and shape. The difference is its brown exterior colour and its nutty, earthy, more intense flavour.

Around the world they are also known as Chestnut mushrooms, Cremini and Baby Bella.

When the Portobellini mushrooms are allowed to grow further in size developing a darker skin and an opened-cap exposing the gills on the underside they are then called Portobello.

Portobellinis make a great substitute for White mushrooms so why not go ahead and try them the next time you would like to add some zing to your food?

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Ms Shiitake

Ah, Ms. Shiitake. That mysterious, exotic, elegant lady stemming all the way from the Far East.

Ms. Shiitake is originally from Japan, where she used to be found in the wild. She is the second most popular mushroom in the world after Mr. White.

You can find Ms. Shiitake varying in colour, from light to very dark brown, but she can be recognised by her flat cap, open veils and distinctive smell.

Ms. Shiitake tastes as deliciously spicy as it smells. She has a soft, spongy quality, producing a woodsy flavour and texture when cooked and, needless to say, goes very well with Asian dishes.

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Oyster mushrooms are beloved the world over. They are one of the most commonly cultivated mushrooms and (drum roll please!) they are also very sought-after in the wild!

The Oyster mushrooms' colour ranges from light brown to dark grey and its name comes from its resemblance to an oyster shell: the Oysters typically have broad, thin, oyster- or fan-shaped caps.

They can usually be found in clusters of small mushrooms or even individually as larger mushrooms.

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King Oyster

All hail the king of kings! His royal highness, the King Oyster mushroom is the largest of the Oyster mushroom family.

In the wild they are native in the Mediterranean.

Also known as Pleurotus Eryngii (their scientific name!), these mushrooms have a stalk that is hailed for its wonderful umami flavour and its meaty texture! Did anyone say "vegan steak"?

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Health & Nutrition

  1. 1

    Trim & slim

    Mushrooms are ideally suited for weight control as they have no fat and are low in calories. They also have the ability to make a meal more filling.
  2. 2


    Research shows that compounds in mushrooms could help reduce the risk of two very common types of cancer: breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.
  3. 3


    Mushrooms are a rich source of antioxidants. In one study of 30 common vegetables, mushrooms were placed in the top 5 highest antioxidant levels when compared to vegetables.
  1. 4

    Vitamins & minerals

    Mushrooms are packed with nutrients, with just a single serve of 100g offering a remarkable amount of essential vitamins and minerals.
  2. 5

    Heart health

    Many researchers have found that the mushrooms we love so much lower the bad cholesterol in the blood and help stop the narrowing of the arteries.
  3. 6

    Vegetarian's meat

    Mushrooms can be a great meat substitute because they pack more than twice the amount of protein than other vegetables.
  1. 7

    Nature's superfood

    Mushrooms are convenient, can be consumed by almost everyone and can be eaten at any time during the day.
  2. 8


    Just 100g of mushrooms (three white mushrooms or one Portobello) provide around 1.5g of fibre, which is about 5-6% of the daily fibre needs of an adult.
  3. 9

    Any mushroom is a good choice

    Mushrooms come in hundreds of varieties, many of which have different nutritional profiles. But they all provide great benefits, so the best mushrooms for you are the ones you enjoy and will eat most consistently!
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Things we do right

Spent Mushroom Compost

The raw materials that remain at the end of our production cycle (some tie-wearing folks call it spent mushroom compost) are given away to be used by local farmers. Spent mushroom compost is a good source of general nutrients for plants, as well as a useful soil conditioner.


We have partnered with some nice people over at specialized recycling plants who collect all our recyclable waste like plastics, carton and paper and make sure that they are put to good use elsewhere.


Our mushMobiles make weekly stops at local charities to ensure that they are never short of mushroom supply. Our mushrooms are then cooked for or offered to those less fortunate.

Delicious recipes