Portobellini mushrooms and chicken liver pate

Serves: 6


Place onions into a pot with olive oil, oregano and bay leaves.

When browned, add livers, salt and pepper.

Allow to sear (do not turn until they are browned). When browned on both sides and the aroma from the herbs is released, add commandaria and simmer on low heat.

Remove from heat when livers are still slightly pink inside.

Remove all bay leaves (count them to make sure).

Simultaneously saute mushrooms in olive oil until well cooked and all pan juices have evaporated.

Remove, place on absorbant kitchen paper and set aside.

Place livers into the food processor and puree, adding butter and fresh cream.

When finely blended, remove and fold in the mushrooms by hand.

Place pate into a flattish dish. Garnish with whole walnut, mushrooms and pink peppercorns.

Pour over the butter which has been gently melted in order to remain creamy.