Grow Kits

Step 1

Remove the contents from the box.

Step 2

With a sharp, clean knife, cut a slit in the bag on the black lines as marked and place the block back in the box with the slit exposed through the open end of the box facing to the side.

Step 3

Place the box out of direct sun but in natural light. The ideal fruiting temperature for Lion’s Mane is 16-18°C.

Step 4

Use a mister to maintain a high humidity by spraying inside the bag two to three times a day. It’s a good to boil and cool the water first. Remove and replace the bag over the whole kit each time you do this and ensure a 10cm gap at the bottom. This will provide fresh air exchange as these mushrooms require high humidity and fresh air. Once the fruiting body starts to appear, do not spray directly onto the mushroom as this can introduce bacteria.

Step 5

Consider putting your grow kit on the end of a shelf as the Lion’s Mane will grow out and hang down to fruit as opposed to Oyster Mushrooms which will grow out and up Harvest the mushrooms by gently lifting and working the entire body free of the substrate when its colour goes from a pink tinge to white/ivory. As it gets older the colour will change to slightly yellow