The 4th Mushroom Festival at Spilia was So Mush Bigger!


On the weekend of 19th and 20th November, the 4th Mushroom Festival was really so mush bigger and so mush better than ever before! The community of Spilia, the Cyprus Chefs Association and Kyriakides Mushrooms created a memorable event that was full of pleasant surprises.

The community of Spilia hosted this year’s Mushroom Festival in a wonderful location, right next to a picturesque church, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains!

The biggest pan you ever saw was also placed along the road! This gigantic pan, with a diameter of 4 metres, accompanied by extra-long wooden spoons, was filled with 1100kg of mushrooms and over 40 talented chefs of the Cyprus Chefs Association worked tirelessly to create the largest serving of sauteed mushrooms in the world! 

The attempt to break the world record was successful, with the scale showing the final weight of 1210 kg! The Deputy Minister of Tourism, who honoured us with his presence, certified the final weight and the world record! This enormous serving of sauteed mushrooms was handed out to the people in attendance so they could all enjoy this record-breaking culinary creation.

During the two-day event, many food trucks were positioned along the road to offer visitors a great number of tantalizing mushroom dishes! Wild mushrooms in pitta bread, glazed shiitake bao bans, crunchy vegan mushroom burgers, delicious vegan mushroom-sausages, fantastic gyros with oyster mushrooms and, of course, our lovely mushroom soup offered a variety of gourmet selections and the visitors just couldn’t get enough!

Nearby, a kids-corner was set up with bouncing castles, face-painting, mushroom-baloons, treasure hunt and many more surprises were in line for our little friends.

The number of visitors was indeed immense, surpassing everyone’s expectations and showing how people all over Cyprus have truly embraced this wonderful event.

We are truly grateful for the hard work of the talented chefs of the Cyprus Chefs Association, the hospitality of Spilia, the enthusiasm of all the volunteers that helped during the event and, of course, all the people in attendance! 

To many more!