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Once upon a time

Once upon a time (around 1979 to be more precise) the guy we like to call “the big boss”, Rissos Kyriakides, had finished his university studies in Agriculture and was exploring his options for the future. He was looking to start a business that was both pioneering and challenging at the time.

His pursuits brought him to London, where he took the time to visit Foyle’s bookstore on Charing Cross Road. While browsing the books in the agriculture section, chance had it that his eyes were drawn to a book on mushroom growing – and that was the beginning of a beautiful journey.

Upon his return to Cyprus he was determined to build the first mushroom farm in Cyprus. He built just one growing room to manually produce white mushrooms as, at the time, very little was known about mushroom cultivation in Europe.

By 1981 the number of growing rooms had increased to six and a further six rooms were added in 1984. During the same year, Kyriakides Mushrooms pioneered in being one of the very first mushroom farms in the world to install an automated computer system in order to enhance the control capabilities of the climate inside the growing rooms.

Today, with 18 growing rooms, a total growing space of over 3800 m2 and 32 employees, we are proud to say that Kyriakides Mushrooms has the biggest production unit of mushrooms in Cyprus.

And we owe it all to this guy.