Mushroom Barley

Serves: 4


Peel and thinly dice the onion and garlic

Slice the mushrooms in halves or quarters – depending on their size. Slice the cherry tomatoes in half.

Thinly slice the spring onion and coriander and place them in the fridge.

Pour some olive oil in the pot and add the onion and garlic. Lightly sautee. Before the onion and garlic start browning add the cherry tomatoes.

Add the barley and laurel and lower the fire. Continue sautéing while you pour the vegetable stock slowly. Stir continuously so it doesn’t get sticky. Add the rosemary and thyme. Let the barley absorb the stock before slowly adding more.

Add the salt and pepper before it’s fully cooked.

Add the spring onion and coriander. Stir well and let it rest, while still stirring occasionally.

Remove the thyme, rosemary and laurel before serving.