The hidden charm of Truffle



Delighted to make your acquaintance!

Let us introduce you to the truffle, the most valuable and highly cherished mushroom in the world! Even the most demanding chefs and foodies alike hold this wonderful fungi in high praise!

The truffle is a mushroom that grows beneath the soil surface. It’s often buried next to tree roots, sometimes even half a meter beneath the ground! We think that it realizes how valuable it is and how much people cherish it, that’s why it enjoys playing this game of hide and seek!


Hide ‘N Seek

It’s a mushroom that’s very hard to find. Growing beneath the ground means that it cannot be discovered with a naked eye. Luckily for all of us, however, it emits an aroma that’s very distinct during its maturation and specially trained dogs can recognize it and follow its scent to find this hidden treasure!


Gastronomic & Nutritional value

The truffle’s exquisite gastronomic and nutritional value are two of the reasons that make this mushroom so popular among chefs. Their peculiar harvest, their unique flavours and elegant aroma make this the most highly sought after mushroom around the world.

The truffle is also known for its therapeutic actions against muscle and arthritic pains, for helping lower cholesterol levels and for helping control blood sugar levels. Sounds pretty great right?

There are over 80 different varieties of truffle flourishing across the planet. In this series of blog posts we will introduce you to the most popular truffle varieties used by culinary professionals. We will also let you know when each of them is in season, how to store them, prepare them and cook them, the difference between fresh truffle and truffle oil (you will be surprised!) and many, many more interesting tidbits.


So stay tuned for more!