The diamond of gastronomy



Τhis masterpiece of gastronomy is very highly esteemed by culinary professionals around the world and, for this reason and due to its scarcity, it is one of the most valuable mushrooms globally.

In ancient Rome it was believed that the white truffle had both medicinal as well as aphrodisiac properties. And why wouldn’t they really, when the white truffle’s distinct aroma and intense earthy flavor can convert any dish into a gastronomic journey! 


Characteristics and habitat

The white truffle grows in the woods, just a few inches beneath the soil surface. They are usually discovered by specially trained dogs, which trace its intense aroma even beneath the ground! Their color can range from white to light brown and their harvest usually lasts from October to December. During these months, they are usually found by the roots of trees such as oak, hazel, poplar, and beech.



Its taste can take even the most sophisticated culinary experts on a gastronomic journey, like a painting of a thousand shades on white canvas. Its taste and aroma are so distinct that a description in words wouldn’t do justice to the mixture of minerals and the earthy tones you will feel on the palate.

Due to its intensity, the white truffle is usually sprinkled in very thin slices on top of a dish, so that it is allowed to release all the wonderful aromas and taste notes.