Mushrooms and Einstein

There are tons of positive things to say about mushrooms. As they are loaded with protein, B vitamins and iron, they’re a 100% delicious part of a healthy diet. Health fanatics everywhere love the tasty little things, and some people even call mushrooms “nature’s superfood.” We think that’s pretty cool.

Mushrooms are just plain good for you – you don’t need to be a genius to figure that one out. But, if you do happen to be a genius, you’ll be happy to know that intelligent people from all over love an occasional mushroom-y snack. Just ask the smartest of the smart – Albert Einstein.



The Telegraph quotes a certain Mrs. Herta Waldow, Albert Einsteins housekeeper, as having said “He would probably have eaten mushrooms three times a day, that’s how fond he was of them.”

That’s right- everyone’s favorite egghead – or, shall we say, mushroom omelet head – had mushroom fever.

If mushrooms are good enough for history’s most well known genius, then they are definitely good enough for you, right?