The Black Truffle is the Winter Queen



The black truffle, the winter queen! 

Its unique taste and aroma are prominently unveiled in the most exquisite restaurants on the planet.

Its size may vary, from the size of a pea to a tennis ball. Its aroma is so intense, delicate and persistent that may encompass a room even after the truffle has been served. 

Its taste is distinctive and highly sought-after by culinary professionals. 



The winter black truffle is available during the winter months, more specifically from the end of December until about mid-March. Its shape, aroma and other characteristics depend on the soil, topography and climate in which it grows.

It coexists with the roots of several trees, such as oaks, willows and pine trees. 



Its taste can be slightly bitter and spicy. Its persistent and all encompassing aroma combines well in recipes containing cheese and butter.

The black truffle is the ideal food ingredient to transform a dish into a gastronomic adventure, full of creativity, flavours and aroma.

That’s why the black truffle is known among French culinary circles as the “black diamond” of gastronomy!